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Digital Badges 

December 1-15, 2012 | SCoPE discussion


During this two-week seminar we will explore digital badges from concept through to implementation. The seminar will focus on the possible pedagogies and technology required for implementing digital badges. We will also take a critical look at the current state of digital badges with discussion of the required and possible futures. If you have a few hours to read and discuss focused topics and participate in two mid-day (PST) webinars then please join is this lively learning experience focused on digital badges.


  1. Introduction to Digital Badges 
    December 4 | recording | on | slides | chat transcript

  2. Implementation Has Two Sides
    December 11 | recording | on | slideschat transcript


Facilitators : Peter Rawsthorne

Moderator: Leva Lee


  • Andreas Link
  • Barbie bruce
  • Dan
  • Emily
  • Emma b
  • Gina bennet
  • Heather Kincaid
  • Hilda Anggraeni
  • Jenny Mackness
  • Jofrei
  • John Dumbrille
  • Kathleen
  • Leah
  • Margot C
  • Mary Burgess
  • Melanie
  • Path Tymchatyn
  • Patric Lougheed
  • Randy Labonte
  • Sylvia
  • Verena Roberts 
  • Wally Alvaranza
  • Zack Lee


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