Motivation and Adult Learning Online Wiki: Summary

An outline of participants, main topics, and resources generated during the Motivation and Adult Learning Online seminar.

Motivation and Adult Learning Online: Wiki

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  1. Firat Sarsar (Facilitator)
  2. Nicholas Bowskill
  3. Sylvia Currie
  4. Amy Severson
  5. Pat Tymchatyn
  6. Nick Kearney
  7. Judy Southwell
  8. Roxanne Russell
  9. Heather Ross
  10. Dilip Barad
  11. Christine Horgan
  12. Don McIntosh
  13. Anne Mckague

Main Discussion Questions

  • What does motivation mean to you?
  • What are the motivational factors for adults in online learning environments?
  • How do we promote adult motivation in online learning environments?
  • Do you think that online learning environments are motivating to adult learners?


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