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We will use this wiki during the Blogging in Professional Networks seminar to plan, and to gather highlights and resources. Feel free to edit!

Blogging in Professional Networks

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Week One Activities

Introductions; Overview of Methods for Collecting and Filtering Sources

Introductory Questions

When did you begin blogging? What were your reasons?

Has your blogging changed over this time? How? (topics, focus, frequency, etc.)

How has blogging helped you with learning?

What are the main reasons you have persisted in blogging?

How do you think your blogging activity will change in future?

Reflection/Discussion Activity:

I have categorized bloggers into various types. I have also included a podcast discussing the different types of edublogggers. What type of blogger do you think you are? What types of bloggers are many of your students? Do you think one's blogging type impacts how one provides instruction and feedback about blogging?

Podcast: Transformative Learning Cycle - Rough Version 1 (right-click on link to open new tab, then download to listen.)

Here is the original blog post about with text notes: thumbnail.php?file_guid=7713&size=large

Blogging Activity:

You can try a berry-picking post either within your twitter account as a tweet (micro-blogging) or within your blog (for the lengthier example), and add a comment to this post with a link to your blog post or tweet.

Over the next few days, I would like to invite participants to review the suggestions for different types of blogging activities.



Blog Posts

"Significant Learning"


"Demonstrating Berry-Picking"