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This wiki lists the resources collected through the Culturally Diverse Learners seminar, April 12-30, 2010

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Culturally Diverse Learners

April 12 - 30, 2010 | SCoPE Discussion


During this seminar we will be sharing and discussing a video series developed at Thompson Rivers University. These filmed scenarios aim to address the needs of educators and students to enhance intercultural competencies by providing a spring board for dialogue and reflection on best practices for intercultural learning environments.

Video Series

Web Conference Recordings and transcripts


Facilitator: Emma Bourassa and Kyra Garson

Moderator: Sylvia Currie

Forum Participants:

Webinar Participants: 
1st Webinar: 
  1. Alexandra
  2. Dawn Louise
  3. Emma
  4. emma b 
  5. Gary Hunt
  6. GinaB
  7. Ining Hao
  8. John Morrison
  1. Kerrie
  2. maggieross
  3. Melanie Wilke 
  4. Pat Pattison
  5. Peter Fenrich 
  6. Sue Wolf
  7. Wony Carr
  8. wburton
2nd Webinar: 



Intercultural Training Resources


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The Description, Interpretation, and Evaluation Exercise

Intercultural Communication Institute

Thompson Rivers University Presentations from an Internationalizing the Online Curriculum Workshop