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This wiki will be used during ePortfolios seminar to gather resources and highlights.

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About this seminar

SCOPE Seminar – UBC Portfolio COP May 31st, 2010 – June 13th, 2010


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  • Catherine Paul is a Community of Practice coordinator at UBC's Office of Learning Technology. Catherine builds communities on campus around teaching and learning with technology by organizing Community of Practice meetings, facilitating workshops, and working as a project manager.
  • Roselynn Verwoord is a Community of Practice Developer at University of British Columbia's Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth, and an instructor for the Family and Community Counselling Program at the Native Education College in Vancouver.
  • Deb Carter, Coordinator of the Education Technology Centre, Faculty of Education, UBC Okanagan, is our web conference moderator.

Portfolio Presenters:

  • Anne Scholefield is Coordinator, Special Projects, in the Teacher Education Office at UBC. Her role is to oversee the use of WordPress as a platform for all graduating teachers to develop their e-portfolios. She also acts as a resource for the teacher candidates' instructors, and a conduit for sharing and up-grading resources.
  • Cathryn Jackson is an Instructor in the UBC School of Nursing. She has a range of teaching and clinical experience and is the Coordinator for the Clinical Skills and Simulation Lab in the School of Nursing. Her scholarly interests are in the application of educational technology, blended learning, simulation and the use of resources to support skills and competency development.


"An ePortfolio is an online collection of your work that you choose to represent your skills and interests to diverse audiences." University of British Columbia

During this 2-week seminar Catherine and Roselynn will introduce us to UBC's Portfolio Community of Practice. They have invited members of the CoP to share their teaching and course eportfolios and encourage all seminar participants to discuss their experiences with portfolio projects. This seminar will be of interest to those involved in or curious about portfolio projects, as well as to those interested in building and facilitating faculty communities of practice.

Two- Week Seminar Agenda At a Glance:

June 1st, 2010 – 1 Hour Synchronous session on portfolios

Week 1: May 31st – June 4, 2010 – Focus on Program Portfolios

Week 2: June 7th – June 13th, 2010 – Focus on Teaching Portfolios, Course Portfolios

*Building communities of practice (theme throughout both weeks) TBA – 30 minute Synchronous session on emergent themes from the seminar (to wrap things together).

Synchronous Session Outline

Deb: Introduction/SCOPE Background
Catherine and Roselynn: Introduction to UBC Portfolio CoP including history, current projects, membership
Anne: Portfolios in Education
Cathryn: Portfolios in Nursing
Catherine and Roselynn: Future directions for the CoP
Deb: Wrap up, questions, etc.

Guiding Questions for Week 1 Asynchronous Session:

  1. What do program portfolios mean to you? How do you use them and/or what is your interest in them?
  2. What are some of the benefits and challenges of using program portfolios?
  3. How does your institution (if relevant) currently use program portfolios? What level of support is there for program portfolios?

Guiding Questions for Week 2 Asynchronous Session:

  1. How are teaching portfolios and/or course portfolios being used at your institution?
  2. What kind of support is available at your institution (if relevant) for portfolio development?


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Portfolio Communities of Practice

  • Electronic Portfolio Action and Communication
Here is a resource site I ( David Brear ) developed on ePortfolios that I would like to share :
Wednesday, June 2nd, Mahara ePortfolios

3am PDT (US) / 6am EDT (US) / 10am GMT/UTC (intl times):
“Mahara Eportfolios,” with host Carole McCulloch. “Learn how to build an eportfolio in Mahara. You'll gain access to a Mahara system, create your own account and learn how to upload your artifacts and create a view to share with someone.”
LearnCentral Link: http://www.learncentral.org/event/77102