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Tools for Collaborating Online

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Tools for Collaborating Online

March 1-19, 2010 | SCoPE Discussion


Collaboration is a term that is used quite loosely. What do we mean when we say we are collaborating? Why do we collaborate? What are the key characteristics that differentiate collaboration from cooperation and working independently? What tools support the collaborative process online?

During this 3-week seminar we will use Google Wave and other emerging technologies to explore their potential for supporting online collaboration while addressing these and other questions. 


Facilitator: Emma Duke-Williams

Forum Participants:

Cindy Underhill

Colby Stuart

Deirdre Bonnycastle

E.A. Draffan

Emma Duke-Williams

Heather Ross

Irwin DeVries

Jenny Mackness

Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers

Nicholas Bowskill

Nick Kearney

Paul Beaufait

Peter Rawsthorne

Sandy McAuley

Therese Weel

WL Wong

start at mapping ideas. 


Question Summary 

Visual Summary


What did we say about tools?

Tools for Collaboration

What is collaboration?

What is collaboration?


What did we say about Google and collaboration?


What did we stay about students?


What did we say about pedagogy?