Chapter 4 Outline

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Chapter 4 Outline

Designing Your Course

Liz is wondering about heading all the sections below with a question. Is this a violation of "The Rules". How do you feel about this? No feelings hurt if you hate the idea.

A. Can you Make Patterns from Clouds? (Or some other catchy, not too nauseating opener)

  • Why design a course? The importance of structure in a virtual environment -- or not?
  • Alternative approaches to design (e.g. Systems, Constructivist, Linear, Non-Linear)
  • Agreeing on a model e.g. ADDIE?

B. What are the Roles of the Design Team?: Content expert, Content writer, multimedia developer, editor, instructional designer) Maybe briefly explaining that a team approach is ideal, and defining the roles, is all that is needed.

C. Who's the Audience?

  • Level of prior knowledge
  • Age (does it matter?)

D. How do we move from Concepts to Mapping?

  • Begin by creating a concept map -- to identify ideas that need to be put across
  • Linking and sequencing concepts
  • Course mapping:
    • outcomes
    • resources
    • activities
    • evaluation

E. Why should we consider eLearning Styles?

  • Readiness for eLearning
  • Some checklists for readiness, e.g. Guelph U

F. How does eTeaching Style affect design?

  • Some well-respected models and instruments
  • How your teaching style affects your design

G. How important is the Packaging? (This replaces the lesson reference and the bit about modules and organization)

  • Deciding on Units of study
  • Structure
  • Sequence
  • Flow
  • Pacing
  • Tone
  • Coherence
  • Consistency
  • Any other adjectives that Liz hasn't thought of :-)

H. What colour will you choose for ribbons and bows? (Maybe this is just part of G. packaging? Or do we elaborate here on navigation, fonts, reading on the web, and details of user interface, etc.)

  • This was labelled: User friendliness (colour, layout)

I. Conclusion. Will each chapter have a summary of key concepts?