Chapter 4 Outline

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Chapter 4 Outline

Designing your course

Agreeing on a model e.g. ADDIE?

  • Why design a course? The importance of structure in a virtual environment -- or not?
  • Alternative approaches to design (e.g. Systems, Constructivist, Linear, Non-Linear)
  • Roles for the Design Team: Content expert, Content writer,┬ámultimedia developer, editor, instructional designer) Maybe briefly explaining that a team approach is ideal, and defining the roles, is all that is needed.
  • Begin by creating a concept map -- to identify ideas that need to be put across
  • Linking and sequencing concepts
  • Course mapping (outcomes, resources, activities, evaluation)

Course objectives (LIz is an outcomes-based kind of person,in preference to "objectives". Who's working on this?

Teaching styles

Learning styles

Lesson presentation (Liz has doubts about the use of the word lesson. Should we just include {presentation" under modules and organization below?)

Target audience

Modules and organization (Liz moved this down -- I think a designer should hold off choosing modules and organization until more of the conceptual has been discussed. Thoughts?)

Consistency and structure

User friendliness (colour, layout)