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This wiki will be used during the Re-Thinking E-Learning Research seminar to gather resources and highlights.

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Re-Thinking E-Learning Research Wiki

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Book chapters and related reading

Re-Thinking E-Learning Research: Foundations, Methods, and Practices, by Norm Friesen, Canada Research Chair in E-Learning Practices. The book is available at Amazon. Selected chapters and related readings are available for download:
  • Introduction: Re-thinking e-learning research | PDF 164 KB
  • Chronicles of Change: the narrative turn and e-learning research | PDF 134 KB
  • Genre and CSCL: The form and rhetoric of the online posting | PDF 208 KB
  • SSHRC proposal summar: SUMMARY - Discursive Psychology and Social Technology: Investigating Web 2.0 in Education | PDF 95 KB
  • Hermeneutic Phenomenology: Experiential Evidence in E-Learning | PDF 196 KB
  • Critical Theory: Ideology Critique and the Myths of E-Learning | PDF 184 KB
  • The Tower of Hanoi and the Experience of Lived Number | PDF 168 KB
  • Conclusion: Plurality versus Synthesis | PDF 136 KB