Evaluation Practices for Informal Adult Learning Wiki: Summary

This wiki will be used during the Evaluation Practices for Informal/Self-Paced Adult Learning seminar to gather resources and highlights.

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Evaluation Practices for Informal Adult Learning Wiki

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  • Week 1: Issues. How do we acknowledge and recognize informal learning?
  • Week 2: Cases (eg. e-passport system)
  • Week 3: Challenges and Opportunities
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Live Sessions


Publications and Reports


Evaluation Tools

Summary of Issues

Week One: Emerging Themes and Issues

  • Impact of blended learning in corporate and academic settings
  • Evaluating lifelong learning opportunities
  • Impact of social media on elearning
  • 3D (virtual worlds) learning and evaluation
  • Shifts in thinking about the relationships between formal and informal learning
  • Opportunities to rethink evaluation in learning
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Week Two: Webinar Themes and Issues

  • How do we “recognize” learning?
  • How do we celebrate learning?
  • Do learners distinguish between formal, informal, and nonformal learning?
  • What is the role of portfolios for evaluating and recognizing informal learning?
  • Is informal learning about self-evaluation?
  • Are formal learning assessment tools transferable to the assessment of informal learning?
  • What role do educators play in helping learners assess their own (informal) learning?
  • What are implications for accreditation?
  • What is the relationship between learning and the (self) assessment of that learning?
  • What is measured when assessing informal learning?
  • How is informal learning valued, especially by institutions?
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