Developing a National Framework of Teaching Expectations


Developing a National Framework of Teaching Expectations

March 2-22, 2009 | SCoPE Discussion


During this seminar, we invite you to share your experiences from all countries - those that have developed standards and credentialing requirements for teaching in higher education, and those who are considering them. Through the exploration of the theoretical and pragmatic issues of implementing credentialing programmes, we hope to come up with a set of best practices and a framework design that may be suitable for a wide range of programmes with similar goals.

Live Session [edit]

Participation [edit]

Facilitators : Gary Hunt and Vivian Neal

Moderator : Alice Macpherson

Forum Participants:

Forum Participants:
  • Alex
  • Alice Mac 
  • Bea
  • Cindy Xin 
  • Deidre B
  • Marcel D'Eon
  • Nancy Sly 
  • Peter
  • Rosalie Pederson 
  • Sean Polreis 
  • Shauna


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Downloads [edit]

  • Hunt, G.A., Wright, A. & Gordon, G. 2008. Evolving expectations for teaching in higher education in Canada. Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching, 1, 15-21. (PDF 99 KB)
  • Ontario Council of Academic Vice Presidents (OCAV) Guidelines for University Undergraduate Degree Level Expectations (PDF 34 KB)
  • Guidelines for University Graduate Degree Level Expectations (approved by the Ontario College of Graduate Studies) (PDF 78.1 KB)
  • 2008 National Student Survey (NSS) Questionnaire from Higher Education Academy, UK (PDF 336 KB)

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