Chapter 4 Outline

Chapter 4 Outline
Planning Your Online Course

A. Can you Make Patterns from Clouds?

  • Why design a course? The importance of structure in a virtual environment -- or not?
  • Alternative approaches to design (e.g. Systems, Constructivist, Linear, Non-Linear)
  • Agreeing on a model e.g. ADDIE?

B. What are the Roles of the Design Team?

  • An ideal team
  • Defining the roles:
    • Content expert
    • Content writer
    • multimedia developer
    • editor
    • instructional designer

C. Who's the Audience?

  • Level of prior knowledge
  • Age (does it matter?)

D. How do we move from Concepts to Mapping?

  • Begin by creating a concept map -- to identify ideas that need to be put across
  • Linking and sequencing concepts
  • Course mapping:
    • outcomes
    • resources
    • activities
    • evaluation

E. Why should we consider eLearning Styles?

  • Readiness for eLearning
  • Some checklists for readiness, e.g. Guelph U

F. How does eTeaching Style affect design?

  • Some well-respected models and instruments
  • How your teaching style affects your design

G. How important is the Packaging?

  • Deciding on Units of study
  • Structure
  • Sequence
  • Flow
  • Pacing
  • Tone
  • Coherence
  • Consistency
  • Navigation
  • Colour
  • Fonts

H. Conclusion