R2D2 - Empowering Online Learning Wiki: Summary

 R2D2 - Empowering Online Learning Wiki: Summary 

R2D2 - Empowering Online Learning Summary


R2D2 - Empowering Online Learning


The next book for our Professional Reading Group series is Empowering Online Learning: 100+ Activities for Reading, Reflecting, Displaying, and Doing by Curt Bonk and Ke Zhang. This SCoPE seminar marks the launch of this book.


Facilitators: Curt Bonk and Ke Zhang

Forum Participants:

  1. Ali Boumoussa
  2. anne marie mcewan
  3. Brenda Hallowes
  4. bronwyn hegarty
  5. Christine Horgan
  6. Curt Bonk
  7. E.A. Draffan
  8. Frederica-Azania Clare
  9. Harriette Spiegel
  10. Jay Cross
  11. Jeffrey Keefer
  12. Jeffry Curtis
  13. Jim Julius
  1. Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers
  2. Julia Poole
  3. Karen Baker
  4. Ke Zhang
  5. Kyla Bates
  6. Marsha West
  7. Nancy Riffer
  8. Dr. Nellie Deutsch
  9. Nik Peachey
  10. Silvia Andreoli
  11. violeta cautin
  12. Wendy Kraglund-Gauthier


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