Building a Virtual Museum on the History of Educational Technology Summary


Building a Virtual Museum on the History of Educational Technology

October 1-21, 2008 | SCoPE Discussion 

Description [edit]

The idea for this seminar topic emerged from a simple tweet: " i'm thinking we need an online museum on the history of educational technology George Siemens: 01:54 PM July 24, 2008".

So let's build one already! This 3-week seminar discussion will combine virtual tours, presentations, and wiki-building to gather together our best and worst recollections and artifacts. 

University of Manitoba's Learning Technologies CentreSCoPE, and Richard Schwier from the Educational Communications and Technology Program at the University of Saskatchewan have initiated this project to create a freely accessible "museum of educational technology". There's much to be learned from using a wide lens, and inviting international perspectives. 

Webinars [edit]

Project Launch: A Living History | slides | Elluminate recording 

The History of Learning Technologies | Elluminate recording| Standalone (11.3 MB)

Participation [edit]

Facilitators : Richard Schwier

Webinar Facilitators : Richard Schwier and Liz Burge

Moderator: George Siemens

Forum Participants:

Webinar Participants I:

  • Injenuity 
  • acw
  • Alec Couros
  • alicemac
  • amanda
  • anachorete
  • Bob Sleik
  • Cindy
  • Dave Cormier
  • DaveC
  • dnorman
  • Don McIntosh
  • Doug Symington
  • frank B
  • Gerry
  • Justin B
  • Ien
  • Nellie Deutsch
  • Rhonda McCaskill
  • Sylvia Currie
  • Treva Emter

Webinar Participants II:

  • Alicemac
  • Arcadio Viveros
  • Bee
  • Carolyn C.
  • DaveC
  • Dinah
  • Don McIntosh
  • Doug H
  • ejars
  • FrancesBell
  • Gerry
  • Jeffrey Keefer
  • Jill
  • Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers
  • Kyle Lichtenwald
  • mahrah
  • mireille
  • rcjones
  • Sally
  • Sue Wolff
  • Sylvia Currie

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