2009 SCoPE Seminars Summary


2009 SCoPE Seminars Summary

The World is Open:  Forum | Summary 
  • We welcome Curt Bonk from Indiana University for this live discussion about his new book: The World is Open: How Web Technology is Revolutionizing Education. Information about the book can be found on the blog, including a link to an upcoming free "book extension".

Digital Identity:  Forum | Summary
  • Can we tailor how others see us?
  • how do you define 'digital identity', and what effect or relationship does digital identity have to human identity ?
  • Why might people be uncomfortable with the concept “you are what you share”?
  • More

Re-Thinking E-Learning Research:  Forum | Summary 
  • During this seminar we will look closely at e-learning research. What is it? Where are we? What is the case for narrative methods in e-learning research? How can methodologies associated with critical theory contribute to the field of e-learning research?

The Art of Teaching:  Forum | Summary
  • what are the common errors that people make in the "bridge in" phase of teaching.
  • what role and responsibilities do you think teachers should have in the creating dissonance to promote deep learning?
  • What strategies can teachers use to build a structured learning environment? Can there be a point where too much structure can inhibit learning? Why or why not?
  • More

Reflections and Next Steps:  Forum | Summary

Collaborative Projects on WikiEducator:  Forum | Summary 
  • How did you get involved in collaborative projects? How are you collaborating? What tools or environments are you using? What is keeping you involved in collaborating? How do you envision the future of collaborative projects?
  • What are the reasons for collaborating?
  • More

Exploring Networks of Communities:  Forum | Summary 
  • How do you go about supporting a network of communities?
  • How can these roles be distributed across participants (which ones are paid vs. voluntary) and across a network of communities?

Humanizing the Online Experience:  Forum | Summary
  • How did you feel about the absence of slides? encouraging participants to use their voices? seeing faces and not just text?
  • What are some other tools for creating and editing videos?
  • How do you feel when you see yourself on video?
  • More

Evaluation Practices for Informal/Self-Paced Adult Learning:  Forum | Summary
  • What's the point of going through early undergraduate offerings if my informally acquired knowledge and ability surpasses what these students are asked to learn?
  • How do we begin to change their ways of thinking about professional development?
  • How can be allow in our formal taught courses the benefits and strengths of informal education?
  • More

Developing a National Framework of Teaching Expectations:  Forum | Summary
  • What defines competency in a profession?
  • What are the critical components of a training programme? Should the framework be different for training graduate students compared to junior faculty or professional development for senior faculty?
  • how do we have some sort of standards for enhancing the quality of teaching, but not have an over-controling regulatory framework?
  • More

Open Educational Resources:  Forum | Summary 
  • How do you currently find OER? Where do you go to find them? Got a favourite site? Favourite search engine? Share it here!
  • How can we get used to teaching in the open?
  • What is your ideal future for OER?" To get more specific, what would you like to see happening at your institution with OER in 5 years? In 10 years?
  • More

  1. Deirdre Bonnycastle
  2. Christine Horgan
  3. Wendy Kraglund-Gauthier 
  4. Dr. Nellie Deutsch  
  5. Gina Bennett
  6. Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers  
  7. Alice Macpherson  
  8. Cindy Xin   
  9. Bronwyn Stuckey
  10. Mary Burgess
  11. Nalin Abeysekera
  12. Paddy FahrnI
  13. Paul Stacey
  14. Penny Heaslip
  15. Susanne Nyrop
  16. Terri Bateman
  17. Valerie Taylor