Collaborative Projects on WikiEducator Summary


Collaborative Projects on WikiEducator

August 10-28, 2009 | SCoPE Discussion


Gladys Gahona and Nellie Deutsch have been collaborating online at WikiEducator, an international community dedicated to the design, development, and delivery of free content for learning. In this seminar they will introduce us to the many opportunities available to educators to learn from others, to collaborate on curriculum projects, and to explore new technologies that will improve educational access and quality.

Live Sessions and Peripheral Activities

Participation [edit]

Facilitators : Dr. Nellie Deutsch and Gladys Gahona

Moderator : Sylvia Currie

Forum Participants:

Webinar Participants: 
  • John Smith 
  • Randy Fisher
  • Brenda Kaulback
  • Bron
  • Cindy Xin
  • David Le Blanc
  • Gladys Gahona
  • Jeff Curtis
  • Nadeem Shabir
  • Nelliemuller
  • Patti Anklam
  • Terri Bateman
  • Terrie