2010 SCoPE Seminars Summary

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1. SCoPE Seminars Summary [edit]


SCoPE Seminars Summary [edit]

Motivation and Adult Learning Online: Forum | Summary

  • What does motivation mean to you?
  • What are the factors that can affect your motivation while taking online class?
  • How do you handle the ones that are less involved? Have you found any strategies to motivate them?
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Blogging in Professional Networks: Forum Summary 

  • For those entirely new to blogs, what are your impressions and perceptions about the usefulness of blogs?
  • should we get students to blog?
  • How do you think blogs work as a networking tool? What features do you think are important?
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Educational Uses of iPads: Forum | Summary 

  • Are we transitioning more and more from the push of education toward the pull of learning?
  • Can we successfully develop for the iPad so that learning management becomes more intuitive while preserving the authenticity of learning?
  • More than just LMS, iPad has potential to be developed as learning technologies. What about institutions also looking at developing apps themselves ie not just technical but curriculum design, communication, as you have mentioned, and even collaboration?
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Humanizing the Online Experience 2: Forum | Summary

  • In the classroom that is what we are used to. Think back on your own classroom experiences and the quality of your own teachers. What qualities did those that had the biggest impact on you possess?
  • Have you ever got students/participants to do this as well? What was their reaction to creating them and to viewing their peers? Were they also posted in the open web or under restricted access?
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Reflections and Next Steps: Forum | Summar

  • Do we do enough to acknowledge the contributions of SCoPE members? For example, would more formal recognition for SCoPE facilitators (letters, certificate of appreciation, etc) help to enhance their portfolios at home institutions?
  • What is the place for SCoPE in the Web 2.0 community?
  • How can we continue to evolve SCoPE so that learning and knowledge can continue to emerge in meaningful ways - using these very same tools we discuss and experiment with and have brought into regular use?
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Shared Thinking: Forum | Summary 

  • The whole issue of reflective practice and reflection is interesting isn't it? Many people say reflection is just another word for thinking. So what do we think about even the word reflection?
  • What do you think successful online dialogue should be like?
  • What does sharing reflection mean? What do we gain or lose if it is done with peers?
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ePortfolios: Forum Summary

  • What is often missing in your students' reflective writing?
  • What tools are you using for ePortfolios? What influenced your choice? Can you share a link to an example of an eportfolio with this platform?
  • What did you find most beneficial about using ePortfolios in your teaching?
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Culturally Diverse Learners: Forum  | Summary

  • Do you have examples of situations where diversity inhibited access to learning?
  • If we're going to be encouraging our students to use Creative Commons sources - do we encourage them to then re-share the material?
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Tools for Collaborating Online: Forum | Summary

  • What drove us to Google Docs?
  • Is a discussion on a forum collaboration, or merely a discussion? Suppose that leads then to a shared conference paper?
  • what do you see as the advantages of Google Wave for online collaboration?
  • More

Pimp Your Post: Forum | Summary

  • what's the best conversation starter you've experienced, either as a teacher/facilitator or a learner?
  • How can we help faculty to see the impact of their messages on learners, and to understand the value of being more "knowable, present and human"?
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Guiding the E-Researcher: Forum | Summary  

  • I'd like to speak a bit more on the second part of this question: why use synchronous online interviews in research?
  • How do researchers normally record this type of information while concentrating on the questions and responses?
  • What are the key differences between in person versus online interviews? What are the advantages of online interview other than its convenience and broader geographical reach?
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  1. Brent Lee
  2. Catherine Paul 
  3. Deb Carter 
  4. Emma Bourassa 
  5. Emma Duke-Williams 
  6. Firat Sarsar
  7. Gina Bennett
  8. Glenn Groulx
  1. Janet Salmons
  2. Jesai Jayhmes 
  3. Kyra Garson
  4. Martin Harvey 
  5. Nicholas Bowskill
  6. Roselynn Verwoord
  7. Sylvia Currie
  8. Tracy Roberts


  1. Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers
  2. Emma Duke-Williams
  3. Nicholas Bowskill
  4. Asif Devji
  5. bronwyn hegarty
  6. Derek Chirnside
  7. E.A. Draffan
  8. caren levine
  9. Christine Horgan
  10. Emma Bourassa
  11. Chrys Dean
  12. Alice Macpherson
  13. Colby Stuart
  14. Deirdre Bonnycastle
  15. Dilip Barad
  16. Dr. Nellie Deutsch
  17. Gina Bennett
  18. Heather Ross
  19. Jeffrey Keefer
  20. Nellie Deutsch  
  21. Nick Kearney
  22. Nick Noakes