2011 SCoPE Seminars Summary

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SCoPE Seminars Summary [edit]

A Framework for Academic Volunteers International: Forum | Summary

  • How do we encourage informal credentials to be accepted by institutions?
  • Is there some way we can get an idea of these needs from prospective learners? Build in a feedback system for learners? Have educators engaged as learners?
  • So, does it follow that an avi "mentor" would be a resource that a learner could contact after beginning a course of studies? Or would an avi mentor provide assistance before a learner begins.
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Designing OERu Credentials: Forum | Summary

  • How would it work? What are OER making possible that wasn't possible before and how would an OERu help make that happen?
  • Can we describe an affordable business model that will attract actual students? There is a movement in the US to build a $10K baccalaureate. What is the cost threshold that OERu seeks to achieve?
  • What do you consider to be the major innovations of the OERu? What are the possible innovations the OERu should consider for the future? 
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Automating Instructional Design: Forum | Summary

  • In an age of increasing collaborative technologies for learning, is ISD still relevant? Learning technologies have emphasized community learning as a new model (wikis, forums, blogs, etc.). But is ISD dead?
  • Given all of your experience with online learning and facilitation, what best practices have you seen in higher education for online teaching and facilitation?
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Online Conferences: Professional Development for a Networked Era:  Forum | Summary

  • How does having all of the recordings and content available online impact the level of participation during the event?
  • Any ideas for how to create, capture, and share back channel conversations using simple cell phones (not smart phones)?
  • I would love to hear about online conferences that you have participated in. What strategies and technologies were used to make it a worthwhile event?

OER University: Forum | Summary

  • Children and young teens, and moreover most motivated and successful learners among them, are very poorly served by the existing college education system. Can OER university help?
  • What mechanisms or processes should the OER university use for articulation of course credits?
  • To what extent is OERs really going to contribute to the decrease of tuition fee to make education more affordable, especially in the developing world?
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  1. Bill Thimmesch
  2. Vasi Doncheva
  3. Wayne Mackintosh 
  4. Paul Stacey 



  1. Joyce McKnight
  2. David Porter 
  3. Dick Heller 
  4. Maria Droujkova
  5. Nicholas Bowskill
  6. Pheo Martin
  7. Bernard Nkuyubwatsi
  8. Betty Hurley-Dasgupta
  9. Christine Horgan 
  10. Hemlata chari
  11. Mary Pringle
  12. Dr. Nellie Deutsch
  13. Paul Stacey