Campus-Based Educational Development Summary


Campus-Based Educational Development [edit]

May 15-31, 2012 | SCoPE discussion


This 3-part series presents a study completed in British Columbia and aims to engage faculty, educational developers, and administrators in conversations about educational structures and practices for professional development in higher education. As a work in progress, the emphasis will be on emerging dimensions and directions for this study.


  1. Educational Development Models and Dimensions | recording for 15 May session | slides
  2. Educational Development Strategic Planning and Leadership | recording for 22 May session | slides
  3. Campus-Based Educational Development: Directions | recording for 29 May session | slides | 


Facilitator:  Nancy Randall

Moderator: Sylvia Currie

Forum Participants:

Webinar Participants: 

  • Don Beadle
  • Emma B
  • Gina B 
  • Heather Kincaid
  • Judy Southwell
  • Mary Burgess
  • Nancy Sly


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