Open Education Remixathon


Open Education Remixathon

Oct 12-18, 2012 | SCoPE discussion

Description [edit]

The Open Education Remixathon will kick off with a round robin to describe eachOpen Educational Resource and the envisioned enhancements. Following the launch we will use this forum for discussions among those who submitted OER, those who are remixing, and those who are just plain curious about the whole process. We encourage posting of draft versions of the remixed resource, and, of course, collaboration on the remixing process. On the final day we will review and share the results.

Participation [edit]

Facilitator: Paul Stacey & Scott Leslie

Moderator: Sylvia Currie


Virtual Kick Off participants 

  • Afsaneh
  • Cable Green
  • Catherine Novak
  • Chad
  • Chris Pegler
  • Clint Lalonde
  • Colin Madland
  • CogDog
  • dlnorman
  • Don Presant
  • Heather Kincaid
  • Hilda Anggraeni
  • Jane
  • Kathi Fletcher
  • Nikki Stubbs
  • Paul Stacey
  • Pete Forsyth
  • Sara Frank Bristow
  • Scott Leslie
  • Sylvia Currie
  • Verena Roberts

OER Submissions:  [edit]

Resources [edit]