Use of Video in Education Summary

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Use of Video in Education

January 11-24, 2012 |


As video gets easier to record and publish, it’s valuable to step back and ask ourselves a few questions:

Why use video? What purpose does it serve, and what problems does it solve in the online classroom? How much video is enough? How long should clips be, and how many is too many? What accompanies video? What do we add or create to increase viewer engagement? When is security important? How do we balance accessibility and privacy? What questions do we ask of ourselves and our colleagues when choosing what to film, how to edit it, how to frame it and how to share it?


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Emerging Topics

  • Accessibility
  • Annotated video
  • Audio bookmarking tools
  • Autism
  • Class recording
  • Collaborative learning
  • Distance education
  • File Compatibility issue
  • Improving communicative
  • Interview video
  • iPad video editing apps
  • language
  • Medical music video
  • Moodle
  • Online conferencing
  • Pedagogical 
  • Power point recording
  • Privacy issue
  • Public speaking skills
  • Publishing with iTunes
  • Publishing with youtube
  • Student: Fair range of skills
  • Training video
  • Video editing skill
  • Video editing software


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