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What: [edit]

A one-day gathering of individuals who are involved in online community work.


  • Planning Excellent Community Events

When: [edit]

May 12, 2011, 9:00 - 4:00ish (then we'll probably head out for eats and drinks)

Where: [edit]

Why: [edit]

  • become acquainted
  • share information/challenges/questions/solutions related to our community events
  • experience various event formats, facilitation strategies, and technologies throughout the day
  • learn together
  • continue to explore ways that we can form some sort of support network, pool resources, and advance our work together

Who: [edit]

People living in British Columbia or near by and interested in online communities. Here's the up-to-date list of RSVPs

Facilitators and Organizers:
Jonny Morris
Paul Stacey
John Smith
Alice MacGillivray
Sylvia Currie
Michelle Laurie
Diana Chan

Online facilitators (afternoon):
Susan Stewart
LaDonna Coy

How to Prepare [edit]

  • Invite your friends
  • Talk about the event #oce2011
  • There will be more in this section soon!

What to Bring [edit]

  • Open mind
  • Sense of adventure
  • Devices (cameras, phones, ipads...whatever you have)
  • Headset, if you have one

Outline of the Day [edit]

9:00 coffee, muffins, networking

9:15 Welcome and overview for the day - Paul, Sylvia

9:30 Layered Conversation (fish bowl/intro type activity) - Alice

10:15 Reflections

10:30 Set up open space - Jonny

11:00 - 11:45 Dialogue 1

  • Room / time-slot Etherpad Grid for reporting or linking meeting notes
  • a pre-announced, online, session: #KMers chat on "Effective online events from a KMers perspective." (Archive will be here.)

11:45 - 12:00 lunch arrives (eat and roam)

12:00 - 12:45 Dialogue 2

12:45 - 1:00 Gallery Set Up

1:00 - 3:00 Share Fair (includes gallery, bridging f2f and online). Participate in the event through this launch pad - John

3:00 Commitment wall/time capsule debrief - Paul

3:30 Wrap

Post-event activity! Walk down the False Creek boardwalk to Monk McQueens


  • Pre-May 12 gather feedback
  • Layered conversation:
    • Outer circle (listeners) and inner circle (interviewees)
    • Inner circle is a facilitated interview
    • Individuals in outer circle may at any time request to change places with someone in inner circle
  • Open Space
    • Zones
    • Streams
    • recruit a recorder to represent meeting in a graphical way
  • Scheduled Tweetchat: #KMers chat on "Effective online events from a KMers perspective." (Archive will be here.)
  • Graphic recording / other visuals
    • Graphic Agenda (done ahead of meeting - example)
    • Reminders about open space rules (e.g. 2 feet...take responsibility to contribute and learn)
    • Sandbox format - Sylvia will bring supplies and people can try it out throughout the day
    • Report out from open space, i.e. mindmap
    • Visual Gauge: How do I feel about? (list type of event activities, place sticky star)
  • Gallery
    • walkabout at end of day to see what we accomplished
    • part of share fair
  • Commitment wall / time capsule
    • what will I do and how will I make it happen?
  • Connection wall
    • add name to wall (draw outline of hand, tape on name tag...), and draw lines to people you connect with
    • dotted line =
    • solid line =
    • thick solid line =
  • Pull out some factors that contributed to success (through social media w people who won't be attending) beforehand and facilitate some sort of process where people tell stories in small groups and others pull out factors and we cluster resulting stickies?
  • "How do I feel about?" cluster gauge
  • Quick report out on virtual field trips, an idea that came about during OCE2009. See the pages that we've generated so far on the CPsquare wiki

Follow on: OCE2011 Before and After forum

Logistics [edit]

  • Room configuration: large enough to have breakout groups in the same room
  • Big white wall or overhead for online share fair
  • Wireless internet - must be reliable!
  • Lunch close by or catered
  • Participants should bring (all optional!)
    • laptops
    • phones
    • cameras
    • video cameras
    • headsets
    • ipad or other tablets
  • Equipment + Supplies:
    • LCD projectors (1 available at Creekside, Paul can bring one, Jonny will bring one, Alice will bring one)
    • wireless microphones for online share fair?
    • speakers (Diana will bring)
    • extension cords
    • 6 flip charts + markers (available at Creekside)
    • big post-it notes (Sylvia bringing lots)
    • fine sharpie pens (Sylvia has supply of red, black, green, blue for 5x8 cards)
    • pastels/chalk (Sylvia brining)
    • 5x8 cards (Sylvia)
    • BIG PAPER (Sylvia ordering)
    • tape for wall (Sylvia bringing painter's tape and masking tape)
    • name tags (Sylvia bringing supplies for folks to customize)

Venue: Creekside Community Centre, Multi-purpose Room 4. Parking is under the centre - $10 for the day.

Catering: The Butler Did It

KMers chat

participant list