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We'll use this wiki to write some use case scenarios, roles, and design notes related to the SoTL Portal Project

Use Case Scenarios

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Use Case Scenarios are intended to convey typical user interactions you envision in the software environment. As you write, step by step, the actions of a user, roles and features become apparent. The scenarios don't need to be detailed and sophisticated; simply explain what a particular user is doing.

User Requirements
Visitors/Members will access a variety of levels of engagement into SoTL

  1. review current projects
  2. search for collaborators in their area of interest
  3. share research process
  4. disseminate research results

Stages of research projects

  1. Idea
  2. In progress (break this down further? for peer review...phases.???)
  3. Completed

Projects to learn from

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Pages [edit]

website content
website layout
phase 1 feedback