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Humanizing the Online Experience

Sept 13-30, 2010  | SCoPE discussion


The emphasis in this seminar is on the use of video.  The Humanizing the Online Experience Wiki has full details on how to prepare for each live session. We will also usethe Wiki to outline the weekly schedule and to gather highlights and resources.

Video Conferences:

September 13, 18:00 GMT | your time zone | CoroCall
September 20, 18:00 GMT | your time zone | Flashmeeting
September 27, 18:00 GMT | your time zone | Flashmeeting


Resources and Questions 

Week 1 [edit]

Live Session: Monday, September 13, 18:00 GMT, 11:00 PDT | your time zone | CoroCall

Suggested Activity: Prepare your environment
In this this document, Humanizing U (PDF), Jesai offers advice for background and lighting. Try it!

Preparation for CoroCall session

  • We will be using CoroCall high-quality video conferencing for the September 13 live session. For first time users please plan to access the CoroCall room 30 minutes early in case you need a little bit of coaching on the features. Then you can leave the room open until the session begins at 18:00 GMT (11:00 PDT.
  • CoroCall offers HD quality desktop video conferencing hence its requirements are a little more stringent than say Skype. Go to and read “Minimum Requirements”. For really detailed information with visuals download this PDF (889 KB)
  • Enter your first and last name under 'guest'
  • You will be requested to download a small software app from Vidyo. This just takes a minute.
  • This chat room will be used as a back channel during the CoroCall sessions.

Week 2 [edit]

Preparation for the Flashmeeting session

The Flashmeeting room capacity is set to 10 participants. If you're unable to enter the room it's probably already full. smile

Don't forget to prepare your environment for this week's video conference! See Humanizing U - PDF

Suggested Activity: Create a 2-minute "intro" video. Suggested topic: What is so cool about what you teach? You might want to address this to your students in preparation for your next online course. Upload the video to the SCoPE Seminars YouTube channel:
username: scopeseminars
password: humanizing

Week 3 [edit]

Live Session: Monday, September 27, 18:00 GMT, 11:00 PDT | your time zone | Flashmeeting

Preparation for the Flashmeeting Session

(see Week 2)

Suggested Activity
: Create another short video. This video could be focused on creating a context that makes the learning in your course meaningful. For example, as you tradition to a new module in your course what could you say to inspire your students?