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Culturally Diverse Learners [edit]

April 12 - 30, 2010 | SCoPE Discussion


During this seminar we will be sharing and discussing a video series developed at Thompson Rivers University. These filmed scenarios aim to address the needs of educators and students to enhance intercultural competencies by providing a spring board for dialogue and reflection on best practices for intercultural learning environments.

Video Series

Web Conference Recordings and transcripts


Facilitator: Emma Bourassa and Kyra Garson

Moderator: Sylvia Currie

Forum Participants:

Webinar Participants: 
1st Webinar: 
  • Alexandra
  • Dawn Louise
  • Emma
  • emma b 
  • Gary Hunt
  • GinaB
  • Ining Hao
  • John Morrison
  • Kerrie
  • maggieross
  • Melanie Wilke 
  • Pat Pattison
  • Peter Fenrich 
  • Sue Wolf
  • Wony Carr
  • wburton
2nd Webinar: 
  • Clare Colton
  • Jason hughes
  • jguk
  • Julia Hickinbotham
  • lakay
  • lee marshall
  • Linda B Nilson
  • Marie
  • robin.v
  • Sue Wolf 
  • Vivian Neal 



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The Description, Interpretation, and Evaluation Exercise

Intercultural Communication Institute

Thompson Rivers University Presentations from an Internationalizing the Online Curriculum Workshop