OCE2010 Planning Wiki

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What: [edit]

A one-day gathering of individuals who are involved in online community work.


  1. Stewarding Technology for Communities

When: [edit]

May 6, 2010, 9:00 - 3:30ish (then we'll probably head out for eats and drinks)

Where: [edit]

Vancouver - Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre
Multimedia Room

Why: [edit]

  • become acquainted
  • share information/challenges/questions/solutions related to our communities and projects
  • learn together
  • continue to explore ways that we can form some sort of support network, pool resources, and advance our work together

Who: [edit]

Nancy White and Alice MacGillivray will be facilitating. John Smith plans to join us virtually for part of the day.

People living in British Columbia or near by and interested in online communities. Here's the up-to-date list of RSVPs

How to Prepare [edit]

Outline of the Day [edit]

9:00 coffee, muffins, networking

9:10 Welcome and overview for the day - Paul, Sylvia

9:15 Intro activity

9:30 Activity: Spidergram

(10:45-ish break)

12:00 Lunch - catered

1:00 Activity: Working across boundaries

2:45 OCE group activities: reflections and next steps - John

- report out on virtual field trips, an idea that came about during OCE2009. See the pages that we've generated so far on the CPsquare wiki

3:30 Wrap

Maybe wander down the street?

Follow on: OCE2010 Before and After forum

Logistics [edit]

  • Room configuration: We're the Multimedia room (34x22)
    • equipped with 40 chairs and 6 rectangular tables we can move around
  • Free wireless internet available for us.
  • We can use a different space in the building for our catered lunch
  • Participants may want to bring laptops? Not needed!
  • Sylvia will bring printed copies of: Spidergram Activity, example spidergrams using other tools (Gliffy, Excel)
  • Equipment + Supplies (ordered/purchased):
    • LCD projector (Paul)
    • 6 flip charts + markers (ordered from Roundhouse)
    • big post-it notes (Sylvia bringing lots)
    • fine sharpie pens (Sylvia has supply of red, black, green, blue for 5x8 cards)
    • pastels/chalk (Nancy)
    • 5x8 cards (Sylvia)
    • BIG PAPER (Sylvia ordered from Opus)
    • tape for wall (Sylvia has painter's tape and masking tape)
    • name tags (Sylvia making + supplies for folks to customize)