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Informal Learning Resources

Informal Learning Web Sites [edit]

  • Informal Learning site - Jay Cross -
  • Futurelab?s Space Signpost - Elhanan Gazit (VRider) -The signpost aims to make space science more accessible, by allowing people to chart their own path through the cosmos using a touch screen interface.
  • Albert Ip's post on Learning Design seems to have an echo with informal learning
  • David Millar Bloglist my recent compilation of placeblogs, wikis, RSS and e-authoring

Practices and Approaches that Embody Informal Learning [edit]

  • Communities of Practice
  • Social networks
  • Wikipedia-like things (do we have a name for this?)
  • Conversation, story-telling, dialog
  • Collaboration, teamwork, apprenticeship
  • (Tolerance of failure, promotion of experimentation)

Collaborative Storytelling (new): citizen participation, cityspeak, games, and online academic exchange

Personal Learning Environments (PLE) [edit]

Papers from the 2006 PLE Workshop class="wiki_newentry" href="">PLE_Workshop_2006

Questions We are Holding [edit]

  • Does it matter if informal learning is within academia or without?

Relevant Theories [edit]