Key Elements of Good Stand-Up Comedy, er... I mean WebCasts

Here is our collective list, in no particular order. To add to the list you will need to log in first.

  • Select only the most promising segments
  • Be concise; don't waste words
  • Don't spend too long on any one topic
  • Create segues
  • Work in ways for themes to resurface in new contexts
  • Rehearse out loud, over and over again
  • Try to appear natural and spontaneous
  • Memorize it (Actually, don't memorize it; just know what you plan to say and know your content well)
  • Be passionate but not melodramatic
  • Consider having 2 voices through a partner
  • Consider using conversational mode
  • Fill the space - establish presence, confidence, and competence
  • Grab the audience within the first 30 seconds (not literally) - get their attention
  • Create variabilty in phrasing
  • Create topical outline
  • Have cue cards
  • Know your audience
  • Create a balance -- don't sacrifice content