Planning Wiki


What: [edit]

A one-day gathering of individuals who are involved in online community work.

When: [edit]

May 1, 2009, 9:00 - 3:30 (then we'll probably head to a pub for eats and drinks)

Where: [edit]

Vancouver, Segal Building


Why: [edit]

  • become acquainted
  • share information/challenges/questions/solutions related to our communities and projects
  • explore ways that we can form some sort of support network, pool resources, and advance our work together

Who: [edit]

Nancy White and John Smith!

People living in British Columbia or near by and interested in online communities. Here's the up-to-date list of RSVPs

Outline of the Day [edit]

Metaphor: Cocktail party type of practice swap
Core question: How do you tell the story of your community?

9:00 coffee, muffins, networking

9:10 Welcome and overview for the day - Sylvia, Paul

9:15 Intro activity: Mad tea party - Nancy

9:30 Phase I

  • Groups: YOUR community
  • Gallery Walk -- emerging themes
  • Graphic Wall -- what would YOU like to follow up on?

12 - 12:30 Lunch - catered

12:30 Phase II

  • Four corners
  • postcards

3:00ish Next steps - John

3:30 Wrap, thanks - Sylvia

Drinks & appetizers! Possibly at Steamworks?

Follow on: before and after forum

Logistics [edit]

  • Room configuration: We're in room 1200.
    • ordered 25 chairs to be pushed to outside of room. That will give us standing space for networking, then we can grab chairs for circle configuration.
    • 4 tables, also pushed to outside of room
  • Wireless internet available for us.
  • Participants may want to bring laptops. Not essential.
  • Equipment + Supplies (ordered/purchased):
    • LCD projector (Paul)
    • 6 flip charts + markers (supplied by Segal event planners)
    • post-it notes (Sylvia bringing lots)
    • fine sharpie pens (Sylvia has supply of red, black, green, blue for 5x8 cards)
    • pastels/chalk (Nancy)
    • water based pens (Nancy?)
    • 5x8 cards (Sylvia)
    • BIG PAPER (Sylvia, with Leva's help)
    • tape for wall (Sylvia has painter's tape and masking tape)
    • name tags (Sylvia making + supplies for folks to customize)

Bag of Topics: [edit]

(Not necessarily for Friday's gathering -- just things that would be interesting to talk about at some point. Add to the list!)
  • Show & Tell - quick view of communities we steward
  • Our roles as Community Stewards, support structures and needs
    • Technology stewardship
    • Community stewardship
    • Management
  • Social Design, manifesting identity in a community context, enabling communication and interpersonal exchange, our success stories, challenges
  • Technical Design, our success stories, challenges
  • Activity Design, how to bring a community to life, activities that engage, challenges
  • Networks of Communities - strategies for managing networks of communities
    • Is facilitating networks different from communities and if so, how?
  • Helping others start their own community - a guide
  • Evaluating online communities - spidergram?
    • what do we need to evaluate? Why?
    • who evaluates