The Dance of the Instructional Designer: Our Greatest Insights

Greatest Insights

This is a space where you can jot down the most interesting ideas that you've found in the Dance seminar. Feel free to note your own ideas or others and describe them in any way you feel is relevent for you and/or others. Share your greatest insights!
Because this is a wiki, you can edit it and re-edit it as much as you like - don't be shy.

A central issue is the question of whether the ID and the SME need to build a relationship before they can build a good course together. The idea that the SME might be intimidated by the ID or the ID process helps us address this issue directly.

Helen Barrett's ideas about assessment for learning versus assessment of learning, and Alan's links to Helen's site brought together some great practical ideas about how to design assessment that serves the learner.

Integrating assessment with learning seems so vital to the design of any course.

Using Tools:  On another list we are beginning a discussion on the differences and uses of the various collaborative tools available.  This is an extremely important part of the hows and whys of ID.  I do not see a way to attach a file here though.