Important Questions

Important Questions yet to be tackled

From Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers: "how to get the emotional intelligence of openness and trust to work when online... "?

Picking up on Grant Potter's introduction of the notion of Folksonomy (also see Reading List), does the use of tagging make a contribution to your learning? Has it been used to good effect in educational contexts you know of?

In the discussion of international dimensions, Nancy Riffer asked the questions " Is there a clash between the ownership that is paramount in the US and Canada and the possible communal ownership in ... [another] country? Are we imposing standards by following our assumptions?"

Sylvia Riessner and Gina Bennett started a discussion about how " to keep a focus on the free sharing of information while supporting & encouraging cultural adaptation so that the information becomes culturally appropriate, useful knowledge"?

Grant Potter posted a question asked by Educause VP, Richard Katz "what happens when you make your infrastructure interdependent with Amazon or you place your data in the care of Google”? and

Sylvia Currie adds the question "What criteria do we use to decide if a service is reliable?" related to the risks of losing content stored on remote sites?