Blogging to Enhance Learning Experiences: Examples and Resources

Examples of Practice

What students say

  • "I would say that for your first years blogs are a great tools for getting things off their chest and also for building connections with other students" Tamara Gardner
  • "I've found that through the blogs not only are you more able to get to know the people in your classes, but you find them more approachable..." Tamara Gardner


Participants Blogs

Beaut Blogging Tools


Editing in  many blogs is poor.  The main issue seems to be management to images and media files.
I've just thrown these in here for now, anyone else if welcome ot add/edit.
Client-side: On your computer:
qumana (Free)
windows life writer
innova studio ($US69)
On the web:
Write to my blog
Browser based ??
Performancing Firefox plugin