Teaching and Learning Centres Revisited Summary


Teaching and Learning Centres Revisited

February 18-24, 2008 | SCoPE Discussion


In the summer of 2007, we took part in an international dialogue (through visits and a seminar here in SCoPE) about the range of programs and services offered at teaching and learning centres (TLCs) in post secondary institutions. During this one-week seminar in February we will revisit this topic to expand and compare the list of programs and services offered through TLCs. This seminar and live session are planned in conjunction with the 2008 Educational Developers Caucus organized byKwantlen University College and Simon Fraser University.


Elluminate Session recording: Friday Feb 22 11:00 to 12 noon (PST)


Facilitators : Vivian Neal and Alice Cassidy

Moderator : Amy Severson and Sylvia Currie

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