Writing an e-book about e-books for fun and no profit Summary


Writing an e-book about e-books for fun and no profit

Oct 12-18, 2012 | SCoPE discussion


I'm no expert, but I've written a few books and most recently a free e-book. I found the process to be similar in many ways to other books I had written, but different in some pretty interesting ways. I thought it would be interesting in this SCoPE seminar to discuss our experiences in writing e-books and e-publications. Is the experience of writing similar to other types of writing we've done, or does it differ in some important ways? Did you discover a new twist to your writing voice? Did your Muse carry an iPad? What are some of the creative and technical affordances and stumbling blocks you've encountered? What software did you use that was helpful (or not helpful)? Did you write the book for profit or free distribution, and how did you promote it? What would you do differently if you were starting over from scratch?


Web Conference: "eBook Authoring Strategies and Platforms" 
Scott Leslie

Tuesday, February 7
Recording - Blackboard Collaborate


FacilitatorRichard Schwier 
Curators / ResearchersHilda Anggraeni and Diana Chan

Web Conference facilitatorScott Leslie
Web Conference moderator
 Randy LaBonte

Moderator: Sylvia Currie 



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