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A one-day gathering of individuals who are involved in community of practice work. Now that we've got you here we'll let you in on a little something. OCE2012 is...

A Secret Crazy Laboratory!


  • Facilitation
  • We are focusing in the facilitation of "meetings", and use that term to include planning meetings, conference sessions, events... any situation where people are gathered together for a purpose.


  • To provide opportunities to learn about techniques for designing and facilitating participatory, engaging meetings.


June 14, 2012, 9am - 4pm PDT, then we'll head out for eats and drinks

Join the twitter un-chat from 2-3pm PDT #OCE2012



  • become acquainted
  • share information/challenges/questions/solutions related to our community events
  • experience various facilitation strategies 
  • learn together
  • continue to explore ways that we can form some sort of support network, pool resources, and advance our work together


People living in British Columbia or near by and interested in communities of practice work.

Open invitation! (RSVP for catering purposes)  Here's the up-to-date list of RSVPs

Facilitators and Organizers:

Michelle Laurie Michelle Laurie 

Nancy White Full Circle Associates

John Smith CPsquare / Learning Alliances

Sylvia Currie BCcampus

Dave Pollard How to Save the World

Alice MacGillivray Boundary Spanner

How to Prepare

  • Invite your friends
  • Talk about the event #oce2012
  • Think about meetings you have attended or facilitated, and what would have made the experience better
  • Think about meetings you have facilitated, and how you might repeat/improve that experience online

What to Bring

  • Open mind
  • Sense of adventure
  • Devices (cameras, phones, ipads...whatever you have)

Pre-gathering activity

  • Drop into the OCE2012 forum to:
    • share some details about your work or aspirations related to Communities of Practice
    • post an update on what you posted to the commitment wall if you attended the 2011 OCE event. It's in our time capsule!
  • Some resources to review:
    • Michelle Laurie: Effective Communication and Facilitation Skills
    • others?

Outline of the Day

Time What Who
8:00 Room set-up Sylvia, Nancy, Michelle, ?
8:30  Food arrives! Coffee, nibbles, networking Everyone

Welcome Paul Stacey and Sylvia Currie
History of OCE events John Smith
Overview for the day Nancy and Michelle 
9:30 Introductory activity - Group Works Dave Pollard 

Debrief on activity
10:30  Mid-morning refreshments arrive
10:30 Conversation Cafe Michelle, Nancy records
Debrief on activity
12:00 lunch arrives Catering
12:30 Help Desks  Dave and John
Debrief on activity
1:15 Open Space Nancy and helpers
2:00 Twitter Un-chat Alice and everyone (online)
2:30 Afternoon refreshments arrive Catering
Debrief on activity
3:30 Closing activity Alice
4:00  Post-event activity! Go for snacks and more conversation The Charles Bar

Activity Descriptions (in no particular order)

Group Works pattern cards

  • Hand out approx 3 cards to each person
  • Possible ice-breaking exercises:
  • Tell a 2-minute story of their best or worst-facilitated meeting and have attendees raise their hands when they note a pattern from the three dealt to them that was (or should have been) invoked in the story. We'd have some stories in reserve in case people need an example to get them going.
  • We could ask people in turn to pick the card (from the three dealt to them) that they think they most need to work on, and then get the rest of the group to relate how they've used that pattern effectively, to give some ideas for self-improvement.

Conversation Cafe

  • Discussions 3 rounds, when thinking of designing or facilitating a meeting:
  • What makes you tremble?
  • What excites you? (beyond the chocolate)
  • What are the big questions that you can bring to meetings you are designing or facilitating?
  • Debrief and meta-moment on how to set up and host a conversation café

Revisit our time capsule 

  • Pre-event in forum

Other online activity/ support

  • Gathering questions: Twitter #oce2012

Help Desks 

  • Small group ‘help desks’: Ask people in turn to pick the card (from the three dealt to them) that they think they most need to work on, and then get the rest of the group to relate how they've used that pattern effectively, to give some ideas for self-improvement. Person who got help can report back how they will use the advice received in a future meeting. Report back can be via gallery walk. Volunteers get chocolate for active participation.
  • Challenges - cases

    1st rotation

    2nd rotation

    3rd rotation: How would this be done online?

  • Meta-moment on the use of small groups, knowledge in the team, carousel, gallery walk, etc.

Open Space

  • How can you bring more life to your meetings?

Graphic Recording station

  • ? Place to try it out?

Wrap Acitivity 

  • How will you use what you learned and how might you apply this online? (in pairs, in fours, report back)

Things to Remember

  • Allow time to debrief on the activity topics AND the activity structure


Equipment + Supplies: 

Sylvia bringing these things:

  • Desk top post-it flip charts (6?) + markers
  • big post-it notes 
  • 5x8 cards 
  • xacto knife
  • Markers
  • painter's tape
  • name tags
  • 35 copies of Group Works handout

Dave bringing these things

  • Card decks

Paul bringing these things

  • LDC projector


  • Arranged group wireless internet 
  • 5 "display" tables
  • 40 folding chairs, arranged in a circle
  • coat rack

Catering: The Lazy Gourmet

Questions? Ask in the forum or email Sylvia Currie