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A one-day gathering of individuals who are involved in online community work.


  • Planning Excellent Community Events


May 12, 2011, 9:00 - 4:00ish (then we'll probably head out for eats and drinks)



  • become acquainted
  • share information/challenges/questions/solutions related to our community events
  • experience various event formats, facilitation strategies, and technologies throughout the day
  • learn together
  • continue to explore ways that we can form some sort of support network, pool resources, and advance our work together


People living in British Columbia or near by and interested in online communities. Here's the up-to-date list of RSVPs

Facilitators and Organizers:
Jonny Morris
Paul Stacey
John Smith
Alice MacGillivray
Sylvia Currie
Michelle Laurie
Diana Chan

Online facilitators (afternoon):
Susan Stewart
LaDonna Coy

How to Prepare

  • Invite your friends
  • Talk about the event #oce2011
  • There will be more in this section soon!

What to Bring

  • Open mind
  • Sense of adventure
  • Devices (cameras, phones, ipads...whatever you have)
  • Headset, if you have one

Outline of the Day

9:00 coffee, muffins, networking

9:15 Welcome and overview for the day - Paul, Sylvia

9:30 Layered Conversation (fish bowl/intro type activity) - Alice

10:15 Reflections

10:30 Set up open space - Jonny

11:00 - 11:45 Dialogue 1

  • Room / time-slot Etherpad Grid for reporting or linking meeting notes
  • a pre-announced, online, session: #KMers chat on "Effective online events from a KMers perspective." (Archive will be here.)

11:45 - 12:00 lunch arrives (eat and roam)

12:00 - 12:45 Dialogue 2

12:45 - 1:00 Gallery Set Up

1:00 - 3:00 Share Fair (includes gallery, bridging f2f and online). Participate in the event through this launch pad - John

3:00 Commitment wall/time capsule debrief - Paul

3:30 Wrap

Post-event activity! Walk down the False Creek boardwalk to Monk McQueens


  • Pre-May 12 gather feedback
  • Layered conversation:
    • Outer circle (listeners) and inner circle (interviewees)
    • Inner circle is a facilitated interview
    • Individuals in outer circle may at any time request to change places with someone in inner circle
  • Open Space
    • Zones
    • Streams
    • recruit a recorder to represent meeting in a graphical way
  • Scheduled Tweetchat: #KMers chat on "Effective online events from a KMers perspective." (Archive will be here.)
  • Graphic recording / other visuals
    • Graphic Agenda (done ahead of meeting - example)
    • Reminders about open space rules (e.g. 2 feet...take responsibility to contribute and learn)
    • Sandbox format - Sylvia will bring supplies and people can try it out throughout the day
    • Report out from open space, i.e. mindmap
    • Visual Gauge: How do I feel about? (list type of event activities, place sticky star)
  • Gallery
    • walkabout at end of day to see what we accomplished
    • part of share fair
  • Commitment wall / time capsule
    • what will I do and how will I make it happen?
  • Connection wall
    • add name to wall (draw outline of hand, tape on name tag...), and draw lines to people you connect with
    • dotted line =
    • solid line =
    • thick solid line =
  • Pull out some factors that contributed to success (through social media w people who won't be attending) beforehand and facilitate some sort of process where people tell stories in small groups and others pull out factors and we cluster resulting stickies?
  • "How do I feel about?" cluster gauge
  • Quick report out on virtual field trips, an idea that came about during OCE2009. See the pages that we've generated so far on the CPsquare wiki

Follow on: OCE2011 Before and After forum


  • Room configuration: large enough to have breakout groups in the same room
  • Big white wall or overhead for online share fair
  • Wireless internet - must be reliable!
  • Lunch close by or catered
  • Participants should bring (all optional!)
    • laptops
    • phones
    • cameras
    • video cameras
    • headsets
    • ipad or other tablets
  • Equipment + Supplies:
    • LCD projectors (1 available at Creekside, Paul can bring one, Jonny will bring one, Alice will bring one)
    • wireless microphones for online share fair?
    • speakers (Diana will bring)
    • extension cords
    • 6 flip charts + markers (available at Creekside)
    • big post-it notes (Sylvia bringing lots)
    • fine sharpie pens (Sylvia has supply of red, black, green, blue for 5x8 cards)
    • pastels/chalk (Sylvia brining)
    • 5x8 cards (Sylvia)
    • BIG PAPER (Sylvia ordering)
    • tape for wall (Sylvia bringing painter's tape and masking tape)
    • name tags (Sylvia bringing supplies for folks to customize)

Venue: Creekside Community Centre, Multi-purpose Room 4. Parking is under the centre - $10 for the day.

Catering: The Butler Did It

KMers chat

participant list