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A four-week online workshop for EVERYBODY interested in open textbooks.


September 23 - October 18, 2013




There is a lot of buzz about open textbooks and the financial benefits to our students. However, many conversations and much learning needs to happen between now and realizing that goal. This online workshop will take the first steps in that direction.

  • Week 1: What is Open? What is an Open Textbook?
  • Week 2: Creative Commons Licenses
  • Week 3: Replacement Readiness
  • Week 4: Find and Evaluate Open Textbooks

We will also share experiences to gain insights into what we should be aware of when venturing into the use of OER.


Members of the BCcampus Open Textbooks Project Team: Mary Burgess, Clint LaLonde, and Sylvia Currie

Who should participate?

Are you interested in providing students quality resources to support their learning? Are you curious about what is involved in adopting open textbooks? Do you have questions about open textbooks? Do you have expertise to share? If you answer is yes or maybe to any of these questions then you should participate in this workshop!

How to participate

  • No advance registration is required and there is no fee for this workshop
  • Create an account on the SCoPE site if you aren't already a member:
  • The course will be available starting September 23. Direct link:
  • The world of open textbooks is a whole new territory. Start jotting down your questions now!

Who can answer your questions about the workshop?

Sylvia Currie 250.318.2907

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