TeX Filter

This filter allows you to type in any standard Tex within dollars signs, anywhere in Moodle (including forums etc) like this:

$$$ \Bigsum_{i=\1}^{n-\1}\frac1{\Del~x}\Bigint_{x_i}^{x_{i+\1}}\{\frac1{\Del~x}\big[(x_{i+1}-x)y_i^{5$\star}\big]-f(x)\}^\2dx$$$

and it will be displayed efficiently like this:

$$ \Bigsum_{i=\1}^{n-\1}\frac1{\Del~x}\Bigint_{x_i}^{x_{i+\1}}\{\frac1{\Del~x}\big[(x_{i+1}-x)y_i^{5$\star}\big]-f(x)\}^\2dx$$

Algebra Filter

The algebra filter is similar but allows a more informal calculator-like notation within @@@ characters:



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