Open Learning & Open Collaboration: Canada Moodle Moot Under the Microscope

When: April 5, 2011 online at 1:30 pm PDT (your time zone)
Facilitator: CanadaMoot Program Committee

Elluminate Recording

Join the Canadian MoodleMoot 2011 Program Team as they talk about the CanadaMoot event that only happens once every two years (and available onsite and online). Learn about a Moodle 2.0 online workshop offered by BCcampus and knowplace Family of Sites as an extension of the upcoming Moot (begins online Monday, April 18).

Canada's Moodle Moot is set for May 1-5 in Edmonton at the Mayfield Inn & Suites and online (in Moodle, of course!). Join Tuesday's live interactive session and learn about:
  1. Talking About All Things Open - explore Tuesday panel topics before the Moot!
  2. Moodle Back Channel & Social Media - learn about nuggets and ideas found within and among delegates blogging and posting in the back channel.
  3. Open platforms and open content in closed systems: Future of the LMS - find out more about what is in store at the closing plenary panel on Thursday!
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