There are TWO Blackboard Collaborate rooms for the Teaching and Learning Network. One room (BLUE) is for small meetings where all participants benefit from moderator access. The other (GREEN) is for larger gatherings where it might be disruptive to have too many hands on the buttons. ;-)


  • If you listen through your computer speakers, be aware that using your built in microphone may create be an echoing problem. Using a headset or earbuds will solve the problem. 
  • Access the BLUE ROOM at any time to learn more about the tools available to you as a moderator. This is a good way to check that your system is ready to go prior to a meeting or event.
  • If you haven't run Blackboard Collaborate recently, you can follow the steps to do a system check:


This room is for larger, public gatherings and events such as the bi-annual meetings intended for all and prospective BC-TLN members.

Participant Access:

Moderator Access:

Note: The Moderator Access for the Green Room is "generic" and can only be used for one login. You will appear as "Meeting Moderator" rather than your own name. The best use of this access is for a designated individual to set up moderator access as necessary. First log in using the generic moderator link, then log in a second time using the participant link (using your own name). Then promote yourself (and others who require it) to Moderator. Close the "generic moderator" room. 


Access to all recordings, sorted by date.


This Blackboard Collaborate room is for small meetings related to the BC Teaching and Learning Network, such as planning committees and other sub-committees. All participants have "moderator" access, so be mindful of that during a meeting. For example, when you advance a slide or launch and app, it affects everyone in the room.

Participant Access

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