Tools for Collaborating Online Seminar
March 1 - 19, 2010

This seminar will be a little different from other SCoPE seminars. We will have our regular Moodle forum as a home base, but much of our dialogue and sharing will take place in other venues. Google Wave will be a main focus, but we will add details of access to other tools and services as we explore how they can support online collaboration.

Google Wave

  1. Join the SCoPE Google Group. This will give you access to the waves we will be using for this SCoPE seminar.
  2. Add your name to the Google Wave Invitation list if you do not currently have access to Wave.
  3. Do you have Google Wave invitations to give away? Help out by sending invitations to individuals on the list.

Google Groups
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Once you have access to Google Wave you can paste this into the search field to find all waves related to this seminar:
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