Connecting the Dots: Outcomes, Online Tools & Assessment

Learning Outcome(s)
Learners will be able to...



Moodle Tool(s)

(List Criteria & Method)






Special Considerations… (learners with disabilities, learning styles/preferences, etc..)



Guiding Questions:

  • What is the purpose of the activity?
  • What are the roles for the students and instructor?
  • What are the guidelines you will provide for carrying out the activity?
  • Will students work individually or in groups?
  • What tools will students use?
  • What is the schedule for completing this activity?
  • What resources will you provide?
  • How/will the work be shared?
  • How/will the students be assessed?

Learning Activity Rubric  - consider whether your activity is...


  • The activity fits into the core of the curriculum
  • It represents a "big idea"

vs. Tangential


  • The activity uses processes appropriate to the discipline
  • Students value the outcome of the task

vs. Contrived


  • The activity leads to other problems
  • It raises other questions
  • It has many possibilities

vs. Superficial


  • The activity is thought-provoking
  • It fosters persistence

vs. Uninteresting


  • The student is the worker and decision maker
  • Students interact with other students
  • Students are constructing meaning and deepening understanding

vs. Passive


  • The activity can be done within the given timeframe
  • It is developmentally appropriate for students
  • It is safe

vs. Infeasible


  • The activity develops thinking in a variety of styles
  • It contributes to positive attitudes
  • Roles are clearly defined and distributed

vs. Inequitable


  • Products are shared many people, not just the instructor
  • Students understand future applications of their work

vs. Worthless


  • The activity has more than one right answer
  • It has multiple avenues of approach

vs. Closed


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