Task:  After brainstorming with your group in chat the recorder should add the principles and examples in Moodle to the list below.

Guiding Principles (starter)

  1. Avoid duplication of information. Instead, take advantage of hyperlinking.
Examples in Moodle:
  • URLs in Moodle are short and easy to manage.
  • The glossary tool has automatic linking so that new terminology only needs to be defined in one location
  • It is possible to link to individual forum posts (use threaded view, then right click to save link)
  • General instructions can include links to detailed instructions that are embedded in tools
    2. Peer to Peer collaboration
  • instructor moderation
  • Clear team roles and responsibilities and assessment rubric
  • shared learning objects : glossary/ wikis

    3.  Clear Learning Objectives
  • clear expectations on participation
  • clear directions


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