Text chat transcript from our Knowing Knowledge Elluminate session, January 24, 2007

Moderator (Paul Stacey): Welcome thoughts, questions here as George continues
Gina Bennett: "twitter"?
Moderator (Paul Stacey): I think co-creation of learning by students and educators together is a big one.
Gina Bennett: ... and re-thing the concept of 'ownership' of knowledge
Bill Kerr: the idea that our brains are rewired by technology is something I'd like to see evidence for
Ron Lubensky: Technology: affordances for communication and connection
Bill Kerr: do you have a link deirdre?
Ron Lubensky: I see connectivism as a deliberative approach
tony forster: I dont agree with George's rejection of Bloom, Its not just levels of understanding
George to Bill:"The knowledge they constructed .. while under your instruction is becoming obsolete as they finish your course" is wrong, the purpose of Higher Order Thinking is learning how to think, metaskills, not the knowledge you construct
Bill Kerr: not sure what you  mean ron, about deliberative approach?
susNyrop: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deliberative_democracy
Bill Kerr: k
Moderator (Paul Stacey): Haven't social networks and the connecting of relationships between things always been part of learning?
Me: Is there a facilitator role in networking?
Bill Kerr: thnx
Me: Glad to have discovered Bill's blog 
Me: Does linking individuals equal a group?
Gina Bennett: thanks, george
DeirdreB: Robert Ornstein
Hans de Zwart: I like how George says how the tools bend pedagogy instead of the other way around
Me: Also the affordances allow for connecting experts with non-experts. Obvious value for non-experts, but there's also a value for the experts to be asked to to back to basics to explain ideas and concepts.
Ron Lubensky: appropriation of technology?
Bill Kerr: thanks, who was author of "how the brain works"
Hans de Zwart: How the Mind Works?
Hans de Zwart: Steven Pinker?
DeirdreB: The Axemaker's Gift -Ornstein
Ron Lubensky: "sage on stage" => "guide on side" => "knowledge connector"
Me: interesting. thanks
Moderator (George Siemens): 
Bill Kerr: sorry, I have to go, bye for now, will follow up on the forum
Ron Lubensky: Is connectivism relevant to those who don't use Internet? Can managers use distributed knowledge ideas just through conversation?
Moderator (Paul Stacey): Is there a general strategy for using these in the context of formal learning in K-12 or post secondary?
Hans de Zwart: Ron: Can you stay current without the Internet?
Hans de Zwart: anyone have a live link for this slide?
DeirdreB: Sorry have to leave
Gina Bennett: how can connectivity be 'taught'? or is it primarily a reaction to information overload that we merely observe & adapt to ?
Me: Neat work on visualizing information http://www.edwardtufte.com
Ron Lubensky: thx!
Ron Lubensky: "letting go of knowledge" needs to be taught to some people.
Ron Lubensky: or we tend to be precious about knowledge
Ron Lubensky: y
susNyrop: Yes;I can see it
Me: http://scope.bccampus.ca
Me: Get on the mailing list for the Connectivism Conference! First update was mailed out today
Gina Bennett: great ideas & great resources! thanks
susNyrop: I see that we will never stop learning & connecting
Moderator (George Siemens): Thanks very much...chat with you in the forums...
Hans de Zwart: ThankS!
Gina Bennett: bye
tony forster: bye

Moderator (George Siemens): great
Moderator (George Siemens): thx
Hans de Zwart: bye!
susNyrop: would be good to have the chat as I was cut off for part of the session

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