The StoryCatcher illustrates a preliminary vision for collection of stories about Online Learner Collaboration in the SCoPE Walking the Talk seminar (Mar. 22 - April 2, 2006). I have prepared this illustration to suggest linearity and connectedness, along with processes of condensation, reflection, and convergence. If you don't see the image here, please click on this link (StoryCatcher).

Story Web

Background photo (c) Fir0002 2005:
Permission granted to copy under
GNU Free Documentation License

Capturing results as spectacular as the dewdrops in the StoryCatcher background depend upon numerous factors: Humidity, temperature, wind speed, lighting, and animal behaviour - to name a few; by and large beyond control. So, let me waste no more breath on it.

Instead, I urge you to cast your tales on the OLC Stories and Reflections thread, reflect upon others' tales already there, start or continue discussion on another vibrant thread extending from the forum proper, and add to the growing OLC Annotated bibliography.

Cheers, Paul

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