... ACE-WIL BC/Yukon, your Regional Professional Association

This professional development opportunity was commissioned and supported by ACE-WIL BC/Yukon. Click here for more information about ACE-WIL and its resources and services.

... Us, the authors

Able Consultants (Andrea Sator and Heather Williams) and NJ Consulting (Nancy Johnston) have teamed together to develop this professional development opportunity focusing on supporting the WIL practitioner in their role as an educator. Collectively we have over 60 years of research and practice in the field of WIL, and passion which grew from each of us as WIL practitioners having a curiosity to learn more about why and how this educational approach is so effective. Nancy and Andrea have focused a lot of their work in the area of experiential education program design and delivery (and how we can make WIL even more impactful for learners), and Heather has taken a deeper dive into how issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion might be better addressed in WIL programs. 

...  Past Projects

We have worked together with several institutions (provincial, national and international) on related WIL projects including:

  • Conducting WIL External Reviews
  • Developing WIL Strategic Plans
  • Situating WIL within the Institutional Framework
  • Designing a Global Charter for Co-op and Work Integrated Education
  • Customizing professional development experiences and resources for WIL and Teaching and Learning professionals
  • Developing and delivering EDI WIL resources and workshops for provincial and national professional associations
  • Developing and delivering WIL specific Job Preparation resources for Students from International Pathways 
  • Developing and teaching credit courses on Teaching and Learning Experientially
  • Designing equity focused, intercultural communication courses and resources

... Future Plans

This professional development opportunity was intentionally delimited to supporting practitioners in their role as an educator.  We hope to complement this first offering with two others: the next one focused on Supporting the WIL Practitioner in their role as Employer Partners and a third focused on Supporting the WIL Practitioner in their role with Institutional Assessment. If these or any other areas of professional development are of interest to you, your team, or you institution please contact us at:



The intellectual property of the suite of resources in ACE-WIL Practitioner’s Professional Development: Supporting the WIL Student Journey remains with ABLE Consultants and NJ Consulting and may be used with proper citation by all ACE-WIL BC/Yukon members and the post-secondary system in BC. Contact ABLE Research Consultants, Andrea Sator, email ableresearchco@gmail.com, should you wish to adapt the course content from its original form.