Week 3: Overview

It's Week 3 - our final week of the course. This week we look at issues relating to following up after facilitating synchronous online sessions.

This week consists of the following topics:

  • Practical details when following up to synchronous online sessions
  • Reflective practice as a facilitator
  • Evaluating synchronous online sessions

You will get a chance to:

  • Discuss key issues and questions, as a group, relating to following up after or evaluating synchronous online sessions
  • (Practicing Facilitators): Facilitate your synchronous online session, reflect on it and post your reflections to be able to receive feedback from your course colleagues. (For more details on what this should look like, refer back to the "What should I do after my session?" section of this page of the Course Overview). Participate in at least one other synchronous online session facilitated by Practicing Facilitators and provide feedback to them
  • (Reviewing Participants): Attend at least two of the synchronous online sessions facilitated by the practicing facilitators and provide feedback to them
  • Participate in closing our course community by attending our last class synchronous online session