FLO Design is a four week, fully online course in which participants are invited to explore theories of learning and approaches to online course design and to develop their skills by designing a short unit of learning (roughly 2-3 weeks of an online course or workshop). Participants share their progress each week in a Studio forum where experienced FLO facilitators, and other participants, may pose questions and provide constructive feedback.

Goals of the course

Encourage and support participants to:

  • take risks and try new design approaches, structures and activities, scaffolded by FLO facilitators and their peers
  • design authentic, meaningful learning experiences for students
  • develop a deeper understanding of their pedagogical preferences and beliefs about learning

Questions about the course:
Many (most) of your questions should be answered after reading your welcome emails and the attached document(s). You can find out more by reviewing the Course Handbook and Schedule posted in the Hub.

Some quick questions you might be thinking about right now?


Question MarkHow much reading/watching videos is involved?

Each week has a range of resources. Skimming is fine. How much you read will depend on your previous experience and your interest in the topics.

We ask that you spend time to get familiar with the Course Handbook as it contains essential information to help you understand what you can learn through the course.

Timeline - Schedule

Question Mark  Is the timeline strict?

There is some flexibility but it is important to move forward on your design project each week. If you’re uncertain what you should prioritize from each week’s checklist, discuss your situation with one of the facilitators.  The course is only four weeks so it’s important not to fall too far behind.

Equipment / Connectivity

Question Mark My computer/laptop are old. Will I have to upgrade to use any tools?

You will need a fairly modern computer and web browser to participate fully in this course. If you have an older computer or believe you may encounter some challenges, contact a facilitator to discuss and test your equipment and connectivity.

Question Mark I am on a slow internet connection- will this be a problem?

You may have problems participating in any of the optional synchronous sessions or in playing back some of the embedded videos. Contact a facilitator to arrange for alternative methods of accessing visual or audio materials.

Question Mark Can I participate using my phone or tablet?

Both Moodle and Blackboard Ultra have free, downloadable apps you should install.  You will notice that the course site appears differently and you may find some limitations on what actions are available to you.

Topic Choice

Question Mark Can I bring a design challenge I'm facing right now?

You can choose to work on your own challenge or select a topic in conversation with a FLO Facilitator.  You'll be asked to make your choice clear by posting in the Studio Forum at the end of Week 1.

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