Welcome to the pre-workshop orientation space!

We open the FLO-Design course space early so that you have a chance to explore and try a few "Moodle" skills before the workshop begins.

During this pre-course time, we (your FLO facilitators) will be monitoring the site regularly but we may not be able to respond immediately if you encounter any problems. Just post your question or issue in the Orientation Place forum - sometimes the other participants will be able to help too.

BUT the intent of this space is to let you poke at things, read, watch, and post in the Orientation Place forum - whatever you need to do to feel more comfortable about starting the course next week.

first steps

First Steps (suggestions)
  1. Review the pre-course orientation Quick Overview page. To dig into more details about the course, you'll find more information about the next four weeks in the Course Handbook and Schedule (found in the Hub section at the top of the course page).

  2. If you're new to Moodle (our learning management system), take some time and explore!. Try navigating around the site. Click on links and open forums.

  3. Consider trying the challenges. They're just a way to practice before we get started on learning about course design. If you complete them all (and let us know by completing the Get Your Explorer Badge! feedback form, you'll get an Explorer badge that displays in your SCoPE profile.

If you need to contact us, post in the Orientation Place forum or click on the Participants link and send us a message.

Looking forward to learning with all of you.

Helena and Sylvia

Last modified: Friday, 18 September 2020, 3:51 PM