a chart showing cross-connections between Wikquote, Wikipedia and WikisourceWikiquote is a collection of quotations that links to articles in Wikipedia and original texts in Wikisource.

The focus of the site is on developing the collection of accurate, sourced quotations from notable people and creative works.

An example of this cross-connection can be seen in the Wikiquote page about Lev Vygotsky. Scroll or swipe to the bottom of the page, under the subheading External links (shows links to Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons).

Ways to contribute to Wikiquote

1.  Editing

You can edit any page or section in Wikiquote - make sure you are familiar with the policies (Wikipedia policies apply - "Improve pages wherever you can, and do not worry about leaving them imperfect. Preserve the value that others add, even if they "did it wrong" (try to fix it rather than delete it).")

Read pages that contain quotations from people or films or books that you may know. When you see a spelling mistake or, after checking an appropriate source, you identify an error in a quotation (or the source cited), or you can add sources to an entry, click on Edit this Page.

2.  Writing a page

A new quotation:  Think of a person or literary work or film that might be the source of a quotation that you can't find on the Wikiquote site. Then, consider whether the quotation (and source person or work) are notable. Review the guidelines on quotability and the Limits on quotations (be careful of copyright infringement and excessive length).

A verifiable quotation:  Can you demonstrate that the person you to whom you attribute the quote is the author? Can you find an independent and unbiased source that attributes the quote to that author? If you're uncertain, check the Sourcing guidelines.

Note:  Primary sources are best and include works published by the person you quote AND transcripts or eyewitness accounts (e.g., newspaper interviews).

Developing a page (to present the quote or quotations)

There are several ways to create a new page. The following approach may be best for beginners.

1.  Search Wikiquote first - make sure that your person or quote source does not already have a page.

2.  To create a new entry, use the input box.  This allows you to type the title of an article and begin to edit the new page within a template that helps you comply with the standard layout and style of Wikiquote pages. 

Take time to familiarize yourself with the layout of pages like the Lev Vygotsky example above. You should also review the Guide to layout and the style manual.

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